Phoenix Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Phoenix Theatre is a relatively modern auditorium in London's West End, and feels particularly intimate. Set over 3 levels, the theatre seats over 1000 people and offers a range of seating options for different prices.

The Stalls

The Stalls section is the closest to the stage and is traditional in layout, divided into two blocks of seats by a full central aisle. Seats towards the centre therefore have the clearest views of the stage, although the rows run straight, meaning that even the ends of the rows look directly at the action. The stage feels quite high, so the first couple of rows can be restricted slightly, especially for shorter audience members. Legroom is generally good in this section, but is slightly restricted at the front. The rear section feels quite far back, but generally a lot better than other theatres.

The Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is the first level above the stage. It is similar in layout to the Stalls, with two sections and a long central aisle. More central seats give the best overall view of the stage, with those at the end of the rows giving best legroom. Legroom is tight in the first two rows. The whole section feels very close to the stage, and even at the rear you don't feel too out of the loop. There is a small safety bar running across the whole balcony which may be in sight in the first two rows, but from row D doesn't create a problem. The section is gently raked throughout.

The Upper Circle

The Upper Circle is similar in size and layout to the Dress Circle, but a level above. Because of the size of the theatre, you don't ever feel too far away from the stage, but the rear rows do look directly down onto the action. Views are best towards the centre of the section, as the ends of each row can feel a little far to the side. Row A is affected by the safety rail and lighting rigs, so rows C and back have the best view over it. The roof of the theatre is in view throughout, which some audience members may find distracting.


Where are the best seats for children at the Phoenix Theatre?

Children are comfortable when they have a clear view of the stage. Seats in the middle of the Stalls or front of the Dress Circle will give the best overall views of the action, and will be close to an aisle for extra comfort and accessibility.

Where are the Restricted View seats?

There are no seats in the Phoenix Theatre that are labelled 'restricted view'. Pricing however is structured so that it decreases the further back you go.

What if I am hard of sight or hearing?

The Phoenix Theatre is fitted with a Sennheister Infra-red and Induction Loop amplification system. The headsets can be hired from the foyer bar. Access dogs are welcome in the auditorium or can be looked after by the theatre management.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

There is one small step to the main foyer from street level, as well as a step free entrance on Flitcroft Street. From the main foyer there are 13 steps down to the stalls, 21 up to the Dress Circle and 51 to the Upper Circle. There are no lift facilities throughout the venue, so the Dress Circle is the most accessible level.

Where are the toilets located?

There are male and female toilets on every level of the theatre. In the Stalls there is a female toilet on each side of the auditorium closest to the stage, with a male toilet on house right side. The Dress Circle has toilets towards the rear, with a set of female toilets either side, and the Upper Circle has both male and female toilets at the rear on house right side only. There is an adapted toilet on Dress Circle level, located in the Royal Room.

Where are the bars located?

There is a bar on each level, as well as The Noel Coward Bar which provides a relaxing lounge to enjoy a pre show drink in. All of the bars have steps to them, and are not fully accessible. Drinks can be brought to disabled patrons in the auditorium. For 'Once' there is an onstage bar that is open half an hour before each show, as well as the interval where patrons can buy drinks.

Are there wheelchair facilities in the theatre?

Wheelchair spaces are in Box C, but these are slightly restricted. Transfer seating is available into Dress Circle Row A, although please note theatre staff aren't able to help with this. Wheelchairs will be stored by the theatre staff and brought to the patron at the end of the performance.